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There is so much to see and experience in Jamaica that no two days of a great vacation ever has to be the same. The sights, sounds and smells are as unique to our shores as our world famous coffee, rums and athletes. Over the last quarter century we have evolved past just the provision of sand, sea and sun. That is not to say that these features are not still great and much sought after, but this unique isle has way more to offer to the culture seekers, the heritage connoisseurs, the adrenaline junkies and nature lovers.

Hiking, surfing, dolphin swimming, rock climbing, kayaking, horse back riding, crocodile spotting, river rafting, snake and iguana petting, cave trekking, zip lining, bird watching, great house touring, snorkelling, and ATV riding are just some of the dozens of activities available. It is perfect for the curious, the eager, the laidback and even the lazy because in Jamaica you can have it your way, everyday. Some attractions maybe a bit pricey but most are inexpensive and others are free and require a little imagination and effort to just go where the day takes you. Adventure Island has compiled a comprehensive list of attractions across the fourteen parishes plus provided a bit of information about each attraction, and what each parish has to offer.

It is all laid out is an easy to read, easy to understand fashion that is simple enough to navigate for not only visitors but also Jamaicans home on holidays. Prices and phone numbers are subject to change but general directions on how to finding your next chill spot or adventure is priceless.

So go forth and explore the hills, valleys, rivers, caves, beaches, great houses and swamps and learn why we are not only the ‘land of wood and water’ but also the land of a thousand adventures, each more compelling than the last one!


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