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West-central Jamaica is home to the parish of Manchester. Manchester was formed in 1814, by an Act of the House of Assembly, making it one of the newest parishes of Jamaica. It was formed as a result of the amalgamation of 3 other parishes, done in response to a petition from the inhabitants of Mile Gully, May Pen and […]


Roughly half-way between the island’s eastern and western end, Clarendon ranks as Jamaica’s third largest parish. The parish is predominantly a wide plain, marked by several rivers. Named in honour of the Lord Chancellor Sir Edward Hyde, Earl of Clarendon, the parish was formed from a combination of three small parishes: St. Dorothy’s, Vere and the old parish of […]

St. Catherine

The largest parish and arguably the fastest growing with housing schemes constantly in construction, St. Catherine is always bustling with excitement. Located in the south east of Jamaica, it is situated in the county of Middlesex. Agriculture is huge for its economy but few know that Spanish Town, the island’s former capital has the largest salt producing plant in […]

St. Thomas

The county of Surrey holds St. Thomas which is the birthplace of Paul Bogle, one of Jamaica’s seven National Heroes. Its main town Morant Bay was also the site of the famous Morant Bay Rebellion. With an area of 286.8 sq miles, St. Thomas ranks as Jamaica’s ninth largest parish. Mountainous and lush, it once was the playground of […]


One of the largest parishes in the island located on the southwest section of the island in the county of Cornwall, St. Elizabeth has been dubbed the ‘bread basket’ parish because of its bountiful variety of food crops. Its capital is Black River which is also the name of the longest river on the island. It should also be […]


The westernmost parish in Jamaica, Westmoreland falls in the county of Cornwall. The chief town and capital is Savanna-la-Mar but it is Negril where everyone heads for rest and relaxation as it is the tourist mecca of the parish. The parish’s earliest inhabitants were the Arawak and Ciboney Indians who were there before Spaniard Christopher Columbus came to the area […]

St. Mary

It was once THE getaway parish for the rich and famous hence it is said that here is where tourism started on the island. One visionary named T. Dixon built a 6 room hotel along its beautiful coastline to accommodate travellers fascinated with the sheer beauty and tranquillity of the area. Years later another enterprising man by the name of […]


The birth parish of Jamaica’s first Prime Minister The Right Excellent Sir Alexander Bustamante, Hanover is a parish born out of St. Elizabeth and Westmoreland on November 12, 1793. It got its named from George the first who was from the House of Hanover in Germany (He had the dubious distinction of being the first King of England who […]


Named after King James II, St. James came into existence in 1671 and once encompassed Trelawny. Montego Bay is its capital city which got its name from the Spanish ‘Bahia de Manteca’ meaning ‘lard bay’ as once wild hogs ruled the area and their hides were a rich sources of lard. Though in size this parish is one of […]


Located in Northwest Jamaica, Trelawny began as a thriving sugar port. Named after William Trelawny, the then Governor of Jamaica its first capital was Martha Brae before the need for a sea coast town to transport its sugar eventually led to the development of Falmouth. Trelawny features several limestone formation pits, sinkholes, caves and underground passages. There are more […]


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